Video showcases plans for local healthcare


A video showing how Fylde and Wyre Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) plans to revolutionise local healthcare has been released on social media.

The CCG is looking to radically change the way people access healthcare in a bid to make the system easier to navigate and to free up valuable appointment time for local doctors.

In order to achieve this, a new three-tiered system dubbed the ‘New Models of Care’ has been devised collaboratively by health bosses across the area.

In the video, which is a narrated sketch and has already been viewed on YouTube by more than 100 people, the CCG’s clinical chief officer Dr Tony Naughton describes how people will be cared for under the three new systems – currently being called ‘Extensive Care’, ‘Enhanced Primary Care’ and ‘Episodic Care’.

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Dr Tony NaughtonDr Naughton said: “We are looking to revolutionise the way we look after people in Fylde and Wyre and a big part of this is education.

“We need people to know and understand the changes we are making to the NHS locally so they can get the best possible outcomes out of the system.

“This video explains in plain English how everybody in society will fit into the New Models of Care and how they will go about accessing healthcare once all three tiers are fully up and running.”